Travelling the world with purelements®

Sporty, close to nature, full of adventure: traveling with purelements

Corsica, Mallorca or the Portuguese Azores are known to most people as inexpensive destinations for summer island vacations. But the islands not only offer ball man and dolphin shows, but also wild gorges and wonderful landscapes that you can discover while traveling with purelements.

Get to know Mallorca from its really wild side when you go on a canyoning tour with us through the grandiose Sa Fosca Gorge. Dive into the emerald green waters of the Azores and make your way through the basalt canyons with us. Instead of watching trained dolphins jumping through hoops, you try to approach them carefully while snorkeling in open waters.

Because the trips of purelements are also about canyoning, but not only. We appreciate the country and its people, flora and fauna, animal world and regional culture as well as snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, mountain biking or hiking. And despite all the athletic curiosity, there is of course always time to withdraw, chill on the beach or breathe in the wild scents of Corsica that exude the Mediterranean herbs.

If you feel more comfortable on the mainland, we invite you to travel with us for surfing in Portugal or for canyoning in Slovenia. Or would you prefer a natural adventure in the imposing mountains of Chiavenna? You decide what and when you want to experience it. We are ready and well prepared to make your trip as pleasant and eventful as possible.