Canyoning in Bavaria

Like jumping over all your limits

Climbing, swimming, diving, sliding, jumping – if you are in the mood for varied exercise and exciting excursions in the great outdoors, then canyoning is exactly the right sport for you.

A canyon is a canyon created by the constant action of a river. When canyoning in Bavaria, we make our way through the resulting narrow valleys and mountain streams and move forward in exactly the way the respective section requires: climbing, swimming, diving, abseiling or jumping into the cool water .

One of the fascinating and geotouristically exciting places that we visit for canyoning in Bavaria is the Starzlachklamm near Sonthofen. The gorge is a popular meeting point for extreme climbers who train at an international level.

But don't worry: you don't have to be a top athlete to take part in our tours. A good condition, the desire to go to or a step beyond your limits are sufficient. And of course you should have fun in a group experience in which we grow together with the challenges and look forward to each individual's sense of achievement.

In our beginner courses you will experience a lot of encouragement, but never compulsion. In our advanced courses you will improve yourself and your skills or even complete well-founded basic training in canyoning.

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Canyoning in Bavaria for beginners and families with children

Ideally, you will have your first experiences with canyoning in Bavaria on our basic or family tours. In small groups of at least 2 and a maximum of 7 participants per guide, you will learn quickly and using practical exercises how to secure yourself and abseil. And then it starts – in a group with other beginners, with friends or as a family (es) with children who have been excitedly looking forward to this day for a long time.

In our beginner courses you will get to know all types of movements in canyoning. They differ from the advanced courses only in that the tours are shorter and the level of difficulty is lower. In the family courses, we also make sure that the youngest ones understand and implement everything we explain well. In addition, we also offer courses for people with various physical impairments - you can find an overview under the menu item "Canyoning adaptive".

Some of our participants only come to Bavaria for canyoning, others choose it as the highlight of their vacation in the region. Lake Constance and the Allgäu Alps are just as close as the most beautiful towns in the Allgäu; a well-developed network of bike and hiking trails contributes to the fact that a tourism that is particularly fond of nature has developed here.

By booking a canyoning course, you add a special experience to a restful and relaxing holiday that will change you and your companions. So don't be surprised if you get astonished or curious looks on your return!

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Canyoning in expert mode: courses for advanced and experts in Bavaria

As an advanced skier you already know: Canyoning can be addicting! It’s just not a destructive addiction, but one that builds you up, strengthens your self-confidence, which gives you back everything you are willing to invest in strength and courage in many ways.

If you want to treat yourself to the experience several times a year, you don't necessarily need to book trips abroad. Even if canyoning trips also have a special charm. (Check out our trips here) Because canyoning in Bavaria is at least as exciting and demanding as in all other canyoning destinations. After all, it always depends primarily on you and your willingness to give everything and to want to experience everything.

We have one-day Canyon-pro-tours and multi-day Canyon-pro-expert tours in our program for experts, experts and everyone who wants to become one. On day trips we master deep gorges and rushing waterfalls, we immerse ourselves with all muscles and senses in an experience that is reserved exclusively for real canyonists.

When you've got it all, the way to a well-founded basic training in canyoning is free. In our multi-day training courses, we provide you with all the knowledge and skills that will enable you to pass the aptitude test for training as a canyonist. Of course, you can also take part if you want to go to the expert level without aiming for such advanced training

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