Canyoning in Bavaria

Like jumping over all your limits

Climbing, swimming, diving, sliding, jumping – if you are in the mood for varied exercise and exciting excursions in the great outdoors, then canyoning is exactly the right sport for you.

A canyon is a canyon created by the constant action of a river. When canyoning in Bavaria, we make our way through the resulting narrow valleys and mountain streams and move forward in exactly the way the respective section requires: climbing, swimming, diving, abseiling or jumping into the cool water .

One of the fascinating and geotouristically exciting places that we visit for canyoning in Bavaria is the Starzlachklamm near Sonthofen. The gorge is a popular meeting point for extreme climbers who train at an international level.

But don't worry: you don't have to be a top athlete to take part in our tours. A good condition, the desire to go to or a step beyond your limits are sufficient. And of course you should have fun in a group experience in which we grow together with the challenges and look forward to each individual's sense of achievement.

In our beginner courses you will experience a lot of encouragement, but never compulsion. In our advanced courses you will improve yourself and your skills or even complete well-founded basic training in canyoning.

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