Canyoning trip to Corsica

Summer canyoning vacation
in the Mediterranean paradise of Corsica

Myrtle, thyme, rosemary – the smells of the Corsican macchia are not only encountered in the culinary specialties of the island. Even when canyoning, this scent wafts around your nose with the warm winds.
Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean and is known as the mountain range in the sea. 86% of the island are mountainous areas, which include over 50 two-thousand-meter peaks, and yet the typical Mediterranean climate prevails. Because of this topography, Corsica is a paradise for canyonists. There are numerous wild and romantic streams and gorges in a small area. In the summer heat, the refreshing waters are a welcome cooling. Join us for a summer week in which we will explore great gorges, relax on the beach and enjoy many different local delicacies in a beautiful atmosphere. Corsica’s gorges are as diverse as the island itself. The Purcaraccia in Solenzara is known for its breathtaking slides and emerald green pools. The Sulleoni in the Gulf of Sagone, on the other hand, is a narrow gorge with great abseiling points and cascades up to 65m. Now the Richiusa is missing in the Gravano valley, which combines everything in itself. A narrow gorge with picturesque pools, varied slides and abseiling points. In addition to canyoning, we enjoy the beach, the sea, the mountains and experience the colorful market bustle with its unique Mediterranean flair, created by the French-Italian influence.


When arriving from Germany, you can either choose a flight to the French Mediterranean island or you travel by car yourself and use one of the numerous ferry connections. Even the ferry is an experience, centimeter-accurate parking with the guide, leaving the port and not infrequently being accompanied by dolphins which you can then see from board.

Arrival of all travel participants by 4:00 p.m.

As the starting canyon of the canyoning week in Corsica, we have chosen the Pulischellu, a fun canyon with many smaller and larger jumps, waterfalls and, above all, clear water. Perfectly suited to get you fit for the following canyoning tours or to remember what you have learned.

Today it’s a bit more technical, more abseiling is called for here in the reddish rock of the Sulleoni Canyon on Corsica. The Corsican landscape shows itself from its most beautiful side as we walk through the canyon and become increasingly safer for the next few days!

As always, we have planned a day off or free time in Corsica. Bathing in the pirate bay, culture in the city, a hike in the Bavella Mountains or an additional canyoning tour – today it is your choice!

The Purcarracia Canyon is known for its clear water and its great slides, which we will enjoy today. The approach along the stream alone is beautiful and leads us over the arched granite rocks to the start of the tour. It is precisely these rocks that create such great slides.

The canyon of your dreams!

This technically short canyon is a tough one – narrow, sporty water level and exposed 65 meter abseiling points from which we can see the Mediterranean Sea – you have to do it!

The absolute classic in Corsica, wonderful jumps in a breathtaking landscape and warm water make this canyon exceptionally beautiful.

As on every last day of one of our canyoning trips, we indulge in memories of what we have experienced, look forward to the next time and say “goodbye” – this time for canyoning in Corsica.

Everyone then travels back home individually.


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Everything at a glance

  • A good general health condition. Health impairments are taken into account in the route planning. Restrictions on dizziness and swimming skills as well.
  • Minimum age: approx. 16 years
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Tour duration: daily approx. 4-7 hours canyoning tour – depending on the canyon
  • Tour languages: German / English
  • Number of participants: 5 people
  • Arrival Departure: on your own
  • Basecamp: Campsite Brione in Riva
  • Arrival on day 1 by 9:00 p.m. and the program ends on Sunday at around 4:00 p.m.
  • Catering: On your own, possibly cooking together at the campsite, bring along a stove, dishes, etc.
  • Organization and planning of the Lake Garda short trip
  • Certified guides / canyoning guides according to our safety standards
  • Special equipment incl. Helmet, harness and wetsuit
  • 3 canyoning tours
  • 3 nights in a bungalow on the campsite
  • Photoservice
Experience level
required previous knowledge

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