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our philosophy

We are aware of our responsibility as canyoning operator, tour operator and ski school aware. That is why we ensure the highest possible level of safety on all of our tours and events. For your safety, we have developed clear standards that we adhere to. These include: well-trained professional guides, first-class tour planning, briefings, top equipment, maximum number of participants per guide, first aid equipment, insurance … you can find further details on safety in the safety concept with the canyoning safety standards.

We respect nature and are enthusiastic about the multitude of possibilities that nature offers us. We are convinced that the actual experience only takes place if you immerse yourself completely and give time and attention to the special moments.

We want you to experience yourself and the fascination of canyoning, outdoor, winter sports and achieve your goals.

For this reason, we offer you an adventure-oriented outdoor / canyoning experience and a fun and learning-optimized winter adventure in which we focus on you as a person with your wishes. We take time for you.

We see time as an essential factor in the pure winter sports experience, the authentic canyoning adventure and learning success.

We see ourselves as a partner and trusted advisor, not just a service provider. We value clear communication and feedback on our tours, travel courses, ski lessons and consultations. Our drive is your satisfaction. We see this as part of our success.

Nature gives the clearest feedback. We have taken this as a model. Our outdoor concepts and guidelines are based on the value-adding connection between people, nature and the environment.

With our performance concept and quality standards that focus on you, we try to fulfill your every wish! Unfortunately, there are general conditions over which we have no influence either. We will communicate this to you openly and together we will look for solutions to fulfill your wishes.

Our location in the Allgäu is centrally located on the edge of the Allgäu Alps, offering perfect opportunities for a day trip from Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg or Munich. With its diverse possibilities, a great region, especially for beginners.

In a world-famous canyoning area, Ticino, we have another location to offer you a wide variety of tours. You will find many other top areas on our canyoning and adventure trips – each with its own character and charm – just browse where it can go.

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We know most travel areas like the back of our hand, but we are also attracted by the unknown, so it may well be that we will check out a new destination with you.

We like to work together with local companies, this increases the authentic experience and thinks it’s ethically just good and it’s just fun to give something back to the country that we are allowed to travel.

Thanks to our global network of professional guides, we have the opportunity to work with highly experienced and highly trained (often even from our founder) guides on almost every continent.

For us there is no such thing as one ski area. Every Allgäu ski area has its specialty, be it special slopes, freeride slopes or snow conditions. Depending on the weather conditions or guest requirements, we select the optimal ski area. This flexibility has further advantages because we can provide environmentally friendly short journeys and at the same time variety for you as a participant.

Our unique selling points

What distinguishes us as a canyoning operator, ski school, tour operator from other outdoor operators?

The purelements® guides work for you! Our guides are not forced to work under time pressure and adapt to your speed, your wishes and needs. This is honestly important to us as a canyoning operator, adventure tour operator and ski school! Pick a tour now!

Every purelements® guide is trained and has qualified knowledge of rope techniques, meteorology, communication and geology. purelements guides are always in possession of at least one specialist training course.

It goes without saying that our guides are active in their respective associations and regularly take part in their training courses.

We go with you in gorges and canyons that inspire us too. We think: Canyoning as an outdoor sports, if you do it properly, offers many beautiful moments in nature and exciting, exciting facets of action. It is not necessary to provide “pseudo-action” in the canyon with additional built-in steel ropes, extra springboards or complex additional activities. We’ll take you to canyoning as it really is! Simply authentic!

Experience an adventure with friends, that’s what you experience on our outdoor trips. The destinations are handpicked, mostly with a local guide and a German-speaking guide who will lead you to the best places. And all of this with the feeling of being out and about with friends.

Modern ski lessons, cool concepts, individual learning – yes exactly. With us! As a private ski school perfectly geared towards you, we give you honest feedback and your learning success is our reward.

All in all: we love and live what we do! Simply authentic!

Security is one of our core values. We have therefore developed a special safety concept for “canyoning, cave tours and skiing” for our “purelements summer” and “purelements winter” divisions. The existing standards of the international professional associations served as a basis. These deal with quality assurance for canyoning guides, ski instructors and tours, as well as accident prevention in canyons and on the slopes. Our security concept complements these standards.

We have continued our safety concept, according to which we have been working since the beginning, and transferred it to the ISO 21101 Safety Management System for Adventure Tourism and had it certified.

For years, we have been certified at our location in Ticino, Switzerland, according to the requirements of the “Safety in Adventures” foundation, and now we are the first and only German-Swiss outdoor company company-wide and across all locations.

With a founder and owner who has been skiing since he was 2 years old, who had his first climbing tour with his father when he was 3 years old and who has been professionally accompanying guests on rafting, canyoning and cave tours since 1999 and is still active as a guide, ski instructor and even as an instructor is traveling around the world for new canyoning guides and with a team of equally passionate people from all over the world who are enthusiastic about outdoor and canyoning, we can fall back on a valuable wealth of experience and look forward to further outdoor experiences with you. Would you like to find out more about the team? It’s this way!

Official canyoning partner of Edelrid®

Gemeinsame Firmenwerte wie Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit machen uns stolz darauf offizieller Canyoning Partner von Edelrid zu sein.
Als innovatives Bergsport Unternehmen aus dem Allgäu, produziert der Erfinder des Kernmantel Kletterseil vieles noch in Isny und liefert dadurch kurze Wege und beste Qualität.
Wir statten Euch gerne mit Topp-Ausrüstung von Edelrid aus.

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