Canyoning in the Lech valley

Refreshingly varied: canyoning in the Lech Valley

Anyone who chooses the hiking trail at the Stuibenfalls in the Tyrolean Lechtal will already get a first impression of how wonderful it is to actively follow the course of the water in summer instead of just watching it. When canyoning in the Lechtal, you are right in the middle of an outdoor experience that offers the perfect combination of sporting activity, fun and a refreshing cool-down despite the surprisingly pleasant water temperatures.

The Tyrolean Lechtal is located in the middle of the magnificent mountain landscapes of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps. It takes its name from the last wild river that flows through the valley, the Lech. This wildness that is said of the Lech can also be found in the canyon that we conquer on our canyoning tour in the Lech Valley: the Stuiben Falls, which are characterized by picturesque waterfalls, varied jumping points and abseiling points up to 30 meters high.

We take a lot of time for canyoning in the Lech Valley, because beginners with some previous knowledge can let off steam here as well as advanced riders can deepen their skills. The abseiling points are higher than in other canyons, which are suitable for entry, but relatively easy to master.

Does it always cost you a little courage to overcome yourself for a jump? A look into the turquoise shimmering pools of the Stuibenfalls in the Lech Valley ensures that you still dare. And it's worth it, because not only does your self-confidence grow with every challenge; also your enthusiasm for a sport that lets you experience the pure elements of nature intensely firsthand.