Canyoning at Plansee

From “cheerful and carefree” to “concentrated and challenging”: Canyoning pro at the Plansee / Stuibenfalls

Crystal clear lakes, a fantastic mountain panorama and countless opportunities to spend an active holiday with great outdoor experiences in one of the most beautiful natural regions of Tyrol – the Reutte nature park region in the Ammergau Alps offers all this and more.

Hiking, climbing, swimming, diving - in Reutte you are spoiled for choice. Unless you decide to go canyoning on the Plansee in the Stuibenfalls and simply take everything with you that this beautiful and challenging tour has to offer: the wonderful hiking trail to the Plansee, which already gives you a foretaste of the great canyoning experiences that you can enjoy expect here. The first jump into the green-blue shining waters, with their mostly pleasant temperatures. The varied crossing of the brook gorge and the well-secured abseiling from the rock faces.

Your canyoning at Plansee on the border between Tyrol and Bavaria begins with a short and clear introduction to all the important safety precautions that you need to know and master. This makes the tours just as suitable for sporty beginners who are not afraid of heights as they are for advanced canyonists. You will be accompanied by certified guides who will lead you through the easy to moderately difficult passages at every turn.

You are not ready for a certain jump or a certain abseiling height? No problem! It is your tour, you decide on what you trust yourself. Our guides will be happy to show you alternatives so that you can avoid a difficult passage and still take part in the rest of the tour.

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Deepen friendships, expand skills: canyoning at Plansee according to your taste

“Everything can, nothing has to” is the motto for canyoning at Plansee. Sure, we’re all here because we make an effort, test our limits, want to experience something that is still considered an insider tip for sports in Germany. But it’s not just the sporty outdoor experience that is fascinating about canyoning in the Ammergau Alps. It’s also about community, about experiences that bring friends, families, work colleagues or new acquaintances together. And of course we want to have a lot of fun together and enjoy the wonderful nature.

So that canyoning at Plansee does not demand too little or too much from you, we also run the tours at different levels of difficulty and on different canyoning routes (sections). This gives beginners enough time to embark on the adventure and try them out. And advanced learners can perfect their knowledge and skills at a higher level.

An easy-to-manage tour that is particularly suitable for families with children for trying out canyoning, leads us to the lower part of the Reutte canyon Archbach am Plansee. Here you will find great opportunities to learn to jump, slide and abseil - without time pressure, but with a lot of joy and growing confidence in yourself once you have mastered the first difficult sections.

Advanced canyonists who choose a pro course start directly at the Plansee and can look forward to a tour through the entire Archbach with the Stuibenfalls including great jumps and abseiling points up to 30 meters high that make the eyes light up and the heartbeat jump. But not only will your heartbeat jump when you cross the Stuiben Waterfalls, also known as the "Jumping Jack", in frog style and jump from one green-blue pool to the next.

Jumping and Abseiling – Action in Reutte – Stuibenfaelle

Everything at a glance

For athletic beginners, repeaters and advanced users

Have you already checked canyoning off your bucket list? But you want again and more? Have you already been on a canyoning tour with us or anywhere else in the world? Or you are sporty, have no fear and dare to go on a longer tour in the canyon. Maybe you already have experience climbing or abseiling?
This is exactly what our touring level “Canyoning pro” is designed for. Challenge and fun at the same time and yet with all possibilities. As always, we tackle the canyon’s waterfalls with abseiling and if a jump or a slide is possible, you are welcome to decide to take the jump / slide. If you don’t want to, no problem, then you just keep abseiling yourself. Just stopping and bypassing is not possible in all canyons of this level, sometimes it is.
The canyoning level pro is therefore ideally suited for mixed groups of beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts, because there is something for everyone and everyone can decide for themselves how sporty they want to be. Our professional canyon guides will support you in this.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support by certified purelements employees (certified canyon guides)
  • Guide guest ratio is maximum 1:7
  • No time pressure!
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. Special shoes
  • Photoservice
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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Combine canyoning and other outdoor experiences at Plansee

We offer canyoning at Plansee in the Ammergau / Tyrol region as guided tours that take a little more than half a day. If you actually only arrive for one day, we recommend that you plan a little more time. Especially in summer, the Plansee invites you to other outdoor experiences or simply to laze around and swim.

In general, you are traveling here in the Ammergau Alps in a region that is well-developed for tourism and which places great value on enabling you to enjoy original nature experiences and a sporty, active holidays. So why not spend your annual vacation here and book one or more canyoning experiences?

Our canyoning courses at Plansee build on each other, but the order in which you book them is up to you. If you are already an enthusiastic climber or athlete and you think you can jump and abseil in the canyoning experience without starting at the basic level or tryout level, this is of course also possible.

On our website you will find all the information you need to register for the right tour and prepare for it. All courses take place in small groups of a maximum of 7 participants. You are also welcome to register as a family, group of friends or colleagues for your canyoning experience at Plansee in Tyrol.