Canyoning at Kobelache

Find out what canyoning really means: Canyoning experience at Kobelache in Vorarlberg

“Once canyoning, always canyoning,” some swear. “Canyoning? Never! “, The others refuse, startled. If you want to know why there can be no more than two opinions about canyoning, namely uncompromising approval or clear rejection, then join us on a canyoning experience in the Kobelache.

Jumping, wading, sliding, jumping, abseiling ... in canyoning, water sports and climbing form a varied combination. This is true once again for Kobelache, located in Vorarlberg, Austria and near Lake Constance. Because not only the height of the jumps and the narrowness of the pools challenge you here, but also the complete immersion in an outdoor experience in which you are completely dependent on yourself and your companions.

Without trust in yourself and in our guides, without the firm desire to expand your own limits and without physical fitness, nothing works here. People with a pronounced fear of heights or claustrophobia will therefore hardly find anything in the canyoning experience.

For everyone else, however, it means: jump, dive, smile freely and take on the next challenge with new self-confidence. And that is never more than a few meters away when canyoning in the Kobelache. Fortunately, because you hardly notice how you are training every fiber of your body to achieve your goal.