Canyoning at Kobelache

Find out what canyoning really means: Canyoning experience at Kobelache in Vorarlberg

“Once canyoning, always canyoning,” some swear. “Canyoning? Never! “, The others refuse, startled. If you want to know why there can be no more than two opinions about canyoning, namely uncompromising approval or clear rejection, then join us on a canyoning experience in the Kobelache.

Jumping, wading, sliding, jumping, abseiling ... in canyoning, water sports and climbing form a varied combination. This is true once again for Kobelache, located in Vorarlberg, Austria and near Lake Constance. Because not only the height of the jumps and the narrowness of the pools challenge you here, but also the complete immersion in an outdoor experience in which you are completely dependent on yourself and your companions.

Without trust in yourself and in our guides, without the firm desire to expand your own limits and without physical fitness, nothing works here. People with a pronounced fear of heights or claustrophobia will therefore hardly find anything in the canyoning experience.

For everyone else, however, it means: jump, dive, smile freely and take on the next challenge with new self-confidence. And that is never more than a few meters away when canyoning in the Kobelache. Fortunately, because you hardly notice how you are training every fiber of your body to achieve your goal.

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Natural spectacle and pure emotion when canyoning on Lake Constance

Canyoning in the Kobelache is the perfect mix of action, endurance training, self-awareness and fun. 3, 2, 1 go when you have to jump from a height of up to 12 meters again. You need stamina and muscle strength for climbing, wading and abseiling.

You will experience yourself in contact with the elements and the breath of wilderness that characterizes the European canyons, their dark caves and rushing waterfalls. Finally, it is time to have fun when you slide down a natural water slide of up to 4 meters in length or, when you arrive at the bottom, watch the others do it.

Canyoning in the Kobelache is pure emotion that carries us away, but never throws us off course. Because every canyoning experience needs to be well planned and carried out sensibly. Our certified guides, who have walked the routes hundreds of times, will accompany you on site. At the beginning of the tour they give you a short and clear instruction, check whether you have mastered the important hand movements and then guide you safely through the canyon without stress and at a pace that suits the group.

Action Canyoning near Lake Constance in River Kobelach

Everything at a glance

For athletic beginners, repeaters and advanced users

Have you already checked canyoning off your bucket list? But you want again and more? Have you already been on a canyoning tour with us or anywhere else in the world? Or you are sporty, have no fear and dare to go on a longer tour in the canyon. Maybe you already have experience climbing or abseiling?
This is exactly what our touring level “Canyoning pro” is designed for. Challenge and fun at the same time and yet with all possibilities. As always, we tackle the canyon’s waterfalls with abseiling and if a jump or a slide is possible, you are welcome to decide to take the jump / slide. If you don’t want to, no problem, then you just keep abseiling yourself. Just stopping and bypassing is not possible in all canyons of this level, sometimes it is.
The canyoning level pro is therefore ideally suited for mixed groups of beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts, because there is something for everyone and everyone can decide for themselves how sporty they want to be. Our professional canyon guides will support you in this.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support by certified purelements employees (certified canyon guides)
  • Guide guest ratio is maximum 1:7
  • No time pressure!
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. Special shoes
  • Photoservice
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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Canyoning: Adrenaline rush and a lot of wisdom combined in one sports

Depending on the route chosen and the duration of a tour, canyoning in the Kobelache is suitable for sporty beginners and advanced canyonists. In order for you to enjoy it, however, you should have a minimum of physical fitness.

Advanced can really let off steam here and improve their skills further. Professionals enjoy a tour that begins with diving into the depths of the mountain and at the end of which we return to the daylight with a big hello or a slight feeling of grandeur.

In the end, you experienced it first hand: Canyoning means following and trusting the paths and gorges that nature itself has created. For some it is the sporting challenge, the adrenaline rush, which motivates them again and again to visit the most beautiful canyons, to dare the most daring jumps and abseiling maneuvers.

For the other there is a philosophy and a lot of wisdom in it. Because the extreme canyon not only pushes you to your limits, it also shows you that your path can bring you into situations in which there is no longer any backing away.

“Once canyoning, always canyoning” is the motto of all those who have let themselves be seized by passion. We are definitely one of them. And at no cost in the world would we want to do anything other than accompany you on this path.