Canyoning for your bachelor & bachelorette party

Bachelor party while canyoning in the Allgäu

A canyoning bachelorette party is the perfect outdoor event when your best friend has decided to start a new chapter in life. You go on a canyoning tour together, get all the group power out of you, strengthen and reinforce your friendship during the outdoor experience, so that the future husband / wife is guaranteed not to forget it. And of course you celebrate his or her great decision and the anticipation of a wonderful party.

At the bachelorette party in the Allgäu (can of course also be booked as a bachelorette party), things are high and often high. In any case, it goes through ups and downs, through torrents and over some slippery cliffs. There couldn't be a better pre-marital stress test. And a happier way to say goodbye to bachelorhood, anyway.

Sometimes it's the bachelors who book the canyoning tour in the Allgäu for themselves and their friends. Sometimes it is the friends who give the bride or groom a canyoning tour as a “farewell” gift. Canyoning in the Allgäu is always one of those experiences that you will still fondly remember, even if the last die-hard bachelor has arrived at the port of marriage.

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Allgäu canyoning: fun and action when saying goodbye to bachelors and bachelorettes

Climbing and swimming, jumping and sliding – a canyoning tour in the Allgäu is as exciting as it is varied. Because the bachelorette party is usually more about the fun factor, the groups often choose a canyoning tour with a low level of difficulty. In the Starzlachklamm, for example, where you can get to know all of the diversity of canyoning.

So you don't have to concentrate all the time and focus on fun instead of top athletic performance. The tour ends with a slide from a height of 18 meters and afterwards you can happily continue to your party, which rounds off the bachelorette party.

For experienced canyonists we of course also offer bachelorette parties in gorges, which demand a lot of skill and courage. Schwarzwasserbach or Strindenbach can be booked with us for the bachelor party during canyoning in the Allgäu, as can Kobelache or Plansee.

Beginners or advanced, farewell to the bride or groom: Your tour will be accompanied by experienced guides who will instruct you on all important safety precautions. Upon request, they will also be happy to take photos of how you mastered the highlights of the tours or give a small motivating boost, should a challenge in canyoning bring the bachelorette to its limits.

Everything at a glance

For beginners and the cautious, teams and groups

It’s your first time for a canyoning tour. Have you always wanted to try this canoeing, canyoning canyoning or, as the saying goes: “canyoning”? Then let’s go!
Here you are in the right place for a great beginner’s experience in the canyon, the basic course is ideal for beginners and cautious people to familiarize themselves with the sport. Together with your guide you will discover the highlights of the canyon. Great abseiling points, a real canyon feeling with a portion of adventure and action through casual jumps and slides (of course voluntarily and without compulsion) are waiting for you!
The right canyoning experience for beginners!

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required prior knowledge / requirements

For athletic beginners, repeaters and advanced users

Have you already checked canyoning off your bucket list? But you want again and more? Have you already been on a canyoning tour with us or anywhere else in the world? Or you are sporty, have no fear and dare to go on a longer tour in the canyon. Maybe you already have experience climbing or abseiling?
This is exactly what our touring level “Canyoning pro” is designed for. Challenge and fun at the same time and yet with all possibilities. As always, we tackle the canyon’s waterfalls with abseiling and if a jump or a slide is possible, you are welcome to decide to take the jump / slide. If you don’t want to, no problem, then you just keep abseiling yourself. Just stopping and bypassing is not possible in all canyons of this level, sometimes it is.
The canyoning level pro is therefore ideally suited for mixed groups of beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts, because there is something for everyone and everyone can decide for themselves how sporty they want to be. Our professional canyon guides will support you in this.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support by certified purelements employees (certified canyon guides)
  • Guide guest ratio is maximum 1:7
  • No time pressure!
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. Special shoes
  • Photoservice
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

Self-awareness on the fun tour: your perfect bachelorette party in the Allgäu

How far are you ready to go? From what height do you jump and how low do you let yourself fall? Are you a team player who extends a hand to others when they need it? How much do you get involved in the adventure that lies ahead?

You don't have to overload canyoning in the Allgäu with deep thoughts. But it doesn't hurt to look at it from this perspective. After all, our tours not only lead through the last wild gorges of the Allgäu. In the most beautiful moments, they lead you to yourself and to your limits.

And that is exactly the reason why there is a strict ban on our canyoning tours: alcohol and drugs have no place here. Not the smallest piccolo in advance and not the coolest beer in between.

Apart from the fact that it would be very tiring to carry a rucksack full of drinks with you: We are responsible for your and your safety. And we know: No intoxicant in the world can give you the kick you get when you say goodbye to the bachelorette party on a canyoning tour in the Allgäu. On the contrary, alcohol or drugs would spoil the tour for you!

So please remember: First the kick, then the party! Do you want to hold your bachelorette party in the Allgäu, but do not come from the region? We will be happy to advise you on where you can still celebrate properly after the canyoning!

Here we go! Trust yourself before you get married!

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