Canyoning for your bachelor & bachelorette party

Bachelor party while canyoning in the Allgäu

A canyoning bachelorette party is the perfect outdoor event when your best friend has decided to start a new chapter in life. You go on a canyoning tour together, get all the group power out of you, strengthen and reinforce your friendship during the outdoor experience, so that the future husband / wife is guaranteed not to forget it. And of course you celebrate his or her great decision and the anticipation of a wonderful party.

At the bachelorette party in the Allgäu (can of course also be booked as a bachelorette party), things are high and often high. In any case, it goes through ups and downs, through torrents and over some slippery cliffs. There couldn't be a better pre-marital stress test. And a happier way to say goodbye to bachelorhood, anyway.

Sometimes it's the bachelors who book the canyoning tour in the Allgäu for themselves and their friends. Sometimes it is the friends who give the bride or groom a canyoning tour as a “farewell” gift. Canyoning in the Allgäu is always one of those experiences that you will still fondly remember, even if the last die-hard bachelor has arrived at the port of marriage.

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