Your private canyoning guide

Your private canyon guide – your canyon – your canyoning team as desired

Are you looking for an exclusive canyoning action for you or your group? Do you have a special canyoning tour in mind or do you want to go to an unusual or specific canyoning destination? Is it your idea of being out and about as an exclusive, closed group without any other canyoning guests? No problem, we will guide you, your family and friends, your team exclusively in our home-canyons, well-known and famous canyoning regions or take you on a journey into the unknown if you want to do a first ascent.

Your professional purelements® canyoning guide is always where you are with your group. Tell us your ideas and wishes and we will work with you to design your tailor-made canyoning experience. With perfect advice, individual planning and our worldwide canyoning experience, we enable an exclusive canyoning trip that you will hardly get anywhere else.

We make you our VIP! You can experience each of our canyoning tours exclusively with a private guiding.

Whether canyoning in the Allgäu or other dream destinations such as: Canyoning in Austria, Canyoning in Switzerland - you decide when and where! We take care of security and organization. As a tour operator, we will also take you to well-known regions such as Mallorca, Portugal or special canyons on the Azores or Madeira. Far away destinations such as Japan, Taiwan or Brazil are also possible.

Your guide and you - you are a team.

If you wish, your guide will involve you in the on-site tour planning and share his canyon guide know-how with you. Treat yourself to a canyoning experience without time pressure and without stress, but with a lot of freedom, time and experience.