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Sometimes wild, sometimes picturesque – in any case natural! Experience beautiful gorges and canyons in the Upper Allgäu and the neighbouring regions of Austria. Get to know a new perspective, cross your borders under our professional guidance. Everything with the canyoning team from purelements. Canyoning is probably the best way to combine mountaineering and water sports. Born out of the necessity and curiosity of the human being, it inspires many adventure seekers and also those who want to enjoy nature in a pure and unadulterated way.

We at purelements offer you exactly this interesting and modern mixture of the extraordinary natural experience “Canyoning” on our canyoning tours in the Allgäu, Lechtal, Kleinwalsertal, Tannheimer Tal, Vorarlberg and on canyoning trips in Europe and around the world. We pay particular attention to security! For this we have specially developed security standards and our very small group sizes enable optimal care. Because you are the most important thing for us!

Many new experiences are waiting for you with canyoning in the Allgäu.
We look forward to accompanying you!

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Canyoning regions

The Allgäu is located in the south of Germany. Surrounded by the mountains of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the holiday region around the Allgäu with its well-known places such as Füssen, Oberstdorf or Bad Hindelang offers a lot of variety and not only when it comes to canyoning. In the south are the Allgäu Alps and the Kleinwalsertal, in the east we find the Tannheimer Tal and the Lechtal. In the west it is not far to the Bregenz Forest, Vorarlberg and Lake Constance. With our centrally located location in Sonthofen, the southernmost city in Germany, we can reach the canyoning regions around us quickly and easily, are at home there everywhere and know the regions like the back of our hand.

Would you like to find out more about the canyoning regions?

The Allgäu

The Allgäu as the southernmost region of Bavaria and Germany is perfect for a day trip or a family vacation. Short journeys of less than two hours from Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm or Augsburg make the micro-adventures possible virtually right on the doorstep. Wild mountains alternate with gentle hills and the Allgäu with its bathing lakes, meadows and Alps also offers the best relaxation. Centrally located near Sonthofen, the Starzlachklamm has cut its way through the Nummulite limestone and has even been classified as a natural monument. As a member of the Allgäu Outdoor Company Association, we can take you through this great canyoning gorge in Germany and show you the fun, exciting side of the natural spectacle.

The Kleinwalsertal

The Austrian enclave behind Oberstdorf is known for winter tourism with the mountain railways, beautiful ski areas and guaranteed snow. Even in summer, the "valley", as the locals lovingly call their home, offers top conditions for a relaxing holiday. Exciting hikes on the Gottesacker plateau on the Ifen, enjoy the view from the Walmendinger Horn or dive into the depths of the Schwarzwasserbach with purelements! A canyon fed by caves, with great jumps and great abseiling spots. On the way through the gorge you can discover one or the other geological peculiarity of the karst area, such as a special type of cave ... more about this on your canyoning tour. Easily accessible from Germany, the best accommodations, great restaurants and cafes are waiting for you!

The Lechtal

The Lech, one of the last, wild and partly untamed rivers in the Alps, formed this beautiful valley with its primeval glaciers. Many alpine canyons can be found in the side valleys, we are happy to do these with you as part of a private guiding - with the private canyoning guide from purelements. In Reutte we find a special gorge with the Stuibenfalls, located below the reservoir of the Plansee, this open gorge offers 2 high abseiling points, many jumps and in midsummer even warm water is fed from the Plansee drain.

The Tannheim Valley

The high valley of the Tannheim Mountains is home to the Haldensee and the Vilsalpsee, picturesque mountain lakes and also sporty, alpine canyons to be discovered. The valley connects the Allgäu from Oberjoch via the Gaichtpass to the Lechtal and is particularly popular with nature-loving, relaxation and nature-seeking holidaymakers. At the Gimpel and Rot Flüh mountains, climbers can enjoy the many alpine routes and a great view of the Ostallgäu, Füssen and the foothills of the Alps after their summit happiness.

Vorarlberg - Bregenz Forest

There are some canyons hidden in the Bregenz Forest, and we would be happy to take you into these with a private canyoning guide. But the highlight of Vorarlberg can be found near Dornbirn, where the proximity to Lake Constance and the Rhine Valley has probably led to a few special gorges being formed. The Kobelache is famous with its various parts that are imaginatively called "Merlins World" and "Kangaroo Jumping". Deeply cut into the limestone, varied and beautiful, the river winds down into the "Gütle" where it flows into the Dornbirner Ache. That's not all, two side streams with their high abseiling points, perfect expert canyoning tours, round off the canyoning area in Vorarlberg and makes canyoning tours possible for any difficulty level: from beginners to experts.

Difficulty levels

There are many classifications for levels of difficulty and requirements in canyoning. We at purelements divide our tours into the following levels of difficulty in order to offer you an optimal canyoning experience. Difficulty doesn’t always mean that something has to be difficult. Our guides are there for you to support you with the challenges and to prepare the way for you, to install the ropes and to secure you.

Simple canyoning tours (our “basic” level) often offer many alternatives in the gorge, sometimes even skipping individual passages. The abseiling heights are low up to approx. 15 meters, jumps and slides are, as always, optional and up to approx. 3-4 meters high. The length of the canyons is also in the range of 2-3 hours.

A special form of simple tours are our family tours (canyoning family), where we specifically cater to children and families, provide child-friendly instructions and the focus is on the children's experience and mastering the challenges.

Advanced tours are usually longer than the basic tours (3-7 hours), offer higher abseiling points up to approx. 35 meters and also higher jumps and slides, which are also always optional here. This level, which we call "Canyoning pro", is also suitable for sporty beginners and therefore also possible for mixed groups.

The main difference between expert canyoning tours is that it is getting more difficult and physically harder. High abseiling points, long mandatory passages or even tough waterfalls make up an expert canyoning tour. A certain and relatively high own proficiency is necessary to be able to master the passages. That is why it is necessary for this level to have already done a tour with us before, so we can teach you the necessary skills for an extreme canyoning tour.

For young and old

Is it time again for a family trip together and you want to experience something extraordinary? Then we have the right experience for you. Family canyoning in the Allgäu. This tour is specially designed for families and tailored to the needs of children and is geared towards children aged 6 and over with their parents. Together you go on a discovery tour as a family, splash around in the crystal-clear pools, let yourself float on your back, dare to jump a few times and dash through the smoothly polished rock slides.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required prior knowledge / requirements

For beginners and the cautious, teams and groups

It’s your first time for a canyoning tour. Have you always wanted to try this canoeing, canyoning canyoning or, as the saying goes: “canyoning”? Then let’s go!
Here you are in the right place for a great beginner’s experience in the canyon, the basic course is ideal for beginners and cautious people to familiarize themselves with the sport. Together with your guide you will discover the highlights of the canyon. Great abseiling points, a real canyon feeling with a portion of adventure and action through casual jumps and slides (of course voluntarily and without compulsion) are waiting for you!
The right canyoning experience for beginners!

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required prior knowledge / requirements

For athletic beginners, repeaters and advanced users

Have you already checked canyoning off your bucket list? But you want again and more? Have you already been on a canyoning tour with us or anywhere else in the world? Or you are sporty, have no fear and dare to go on a longer tour in the canyon. Maybe you already have experience climbing or abseiling?
This is exactly what our touring level “Canyoning pro” is designed for. Challenge and fun at the same time and yet with all possibilities. As always, we tackle the canyon’s waterfalls with abseiling and if a jump or a slide is possible, you are welcome to decide to take the jump / slide. If you don’t want to, no problem, then you just keep abseiling yourself. Just stopping and bypassing is not possible in all canyons of this level, sometimes it is.
The canyoning level pro is therefore ideally suited for mixed groups of beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts, because there is something for everyone and everyone can decide for themselves how sporty they want to be. Our professional canyon guides will support you in this.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge

for experienced repeaters, professional canyonists and extreme canyonauts

Previous canyoning experience? Check! Can you rappel yourself? Check! You already know the fascination of the emerald green water, the glittering limestone cliffs and the incomparable natural backdrop? Then we don’t have to describe to you what you can expect from canyoning.
Come with us on canyoning routes in the Allgäu Alps that will amaze you too. In addition to the expert gorges in the Lake Constance region of Vorarlberg, we take you into the most beautiful and best canyons in the Lech Valley and the Tannheim Valley. As with all of our canyoning tours in the gorge, our local, globally experienced canyoning guides are with you and ensure safety, wellbeing and fun.
Canyoning for professionals and repeaters is characterized by high abseiling points and waterfalls, challenging water passages and carved gorges in the northern limestone Alps. We assume a certain ability in canyoning sports. Nevertheless, even on extreme tours, there are always instructions and safety briefings in basic and necessary special techniques for canyoning. Furthermore, jumps and slides are optional on tours in the level expert.
Our purelements® canyoning team in the Allgäu would be happy to advise you on an extreme canyoning tour by telephone in advance.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge

Special offers

In addition to our canyoning group tours from beginners to experts, we offer canyoning lovers a few other specials and special tours. You will also find one or the other inspiration for a slightly different outdoor holiday on our page for canyoning trips.