Canyoning at Starzlachklamm

Outdoor experience at its finest: Canyoning in the Starzlachklamm near Sonthofen

The Starzlachklamm is an absolute must for all those who want to learn canyoning in the Allgäu from the Pike on. The canyon was created by the persistent work of the River Starzlach, which made its way from the green through rocks and rocks.

Situated at the southern foot of the Grünten, the 1740-metre-high "Guardian of the Allgäu", the Starzlach region offers a picturesque ambience for all kinds of outdoor experiences in the Sonthofen region. For us, of course, canyoning comes first.

During canyoning we follow the path of the water. But we don't jump like the "Starzl-Ach" with an "Ach", but with a lot of Juchhei from the cliffs into the wonderfully shimmering gumps (voluntarily). In addition to jumping, climbing, abseiling, swimming, sliding or diving are the typical modes of co-use when canyoning in the Starzlachklamm.

Previous experience and the water level of the route determine its level of difficulty. The Starzlachklamm allows to vary the level in many ways. That's why families with children get the taste here as well as beginners or advanced canyoning.

The Starzlachklamm, classified as a valuable geotope, also has a lot to offer the naturalists among you. For example, coin-shaped fossils and fossils of rare crabs can be discovered in the rocks.

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Canyoning for beginners and families in the Starzlachklamm

The highlights of canyoning in the Starzlachklamm are the abseiling points and of course the 18-meter-long slide, which is a spectacular and perfect end to the canyoning experience. By the time it comes, you have already passed many challenges that have increased your pulse, but also your confidence in yourself enormously.

Your initial concern as to whether you can keep up with canyoning in the Starzlachklamm will quickly settle down anyway – provided physical fitness and altitude suitability. Because suddenly it's not about your fear anymore, but about the exciting moments you don't want to miss. The beautiful panorama helps you as well as the tempting feeling of growing beyond yourself.

And after every new challenge of canyoning in the Starzlachklamm, you'll just take a moment to relax, take a deep breath and let yourself drift as relaxed in the crystal clear waters of the canyon as in a private swimming pool.

We offer the outdoor experience “Canyoning in the Starzlachklamm” in the versions Canyoning basic (beginners) and Canyoning family (families with children who can already swim). The booking is done in no time: Simply click on your desired date in the calendar to find out how many places are still available for the respective canyoning experience.

In addition, you select the start time, enter the required data and send your electronic request directly to our office in Sonthofen after a final check. Confirmation of your booked canyoning experience will be made immediately.

If you are still unsure whether you can do all jumps, active abseiling or certain climbing passages, don't worry! Jumping and sliding are always an option and we will teach you how to abseil with a detailed briefing and dry run (abseiling training) beforehand.

The best outdoor event in Allgaeu – Canyoning Starzlach

Everything at a glance

For young and old

Is it time again for a family trip together and you want to experience something extraordinary? Then we have the right experience for you. Family canyoning in the Allgäu. This tour is specially designed for families and tailored to the needs of children and is geared towards children aged 6 and over with their parents. Together you go on a discovery tour as a family, splash around in the crystal-clear pools, let yourself float on your back, dare to jump a few times and dash through the smoothly polished rock slides.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required prior knowledge / requirements

For beginners and the cautious, teams and groups

It’s your first time for a canyoning tour. Have you always wanted to try this canoeing, canyoning canyoning or, as the saying goes: “canyoning”? Then let’s go!
Here you are in the right place for a great beginner’s experience in the canyon, the basic course is ideal for beginners and cautious people to familiarize themselves with the sport. Together with your guide you will discover the highlights of the canyon. Great abseiling points, a real canyon feeling with a portion of adventure and action through casual jumps and slides (of course voluntarily and without compulsion) are waiting for you!
The right canyoning experience for beginners!

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required prior knowledge / requirements
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support by certified purelements employees (certified canyon guides)
  • Guide guest ratio is maximum 1:7
  • No time pressure!
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. Special shoes
  • Photoservice
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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Canyoning for advanced and other outdoor experiences in the Sonthofen region

Canyoning in the Starzlachklamm can of course also be booked for sporty beginners.
The Starzlachklamm also has a lot of challenges for advanced canyoning. After all, it doesn’t always have to be extreme canyoning to enjoy the beautiful and fascinating moments of this unique outdoor experience. The narrow climbing passages, the various jumping possibilities, the abseiling through the waterfall and the magnificent slide towards the end of the tour offer you a great opportunity to prove and perfect your skills.

Do you want more canyoning? Then take a look at our canyoning for advanced tours. At our “pro” level there is sure to be a canyon for you!

Are you one of those canyonists who also like to engage in related sports and prefer an active holiday to lounging on the beach? Then the entire region on Grünten near Sonthofen has many other outdoor experiences - from cave tours to skiing - ready for you.

A must for all sworn canyonauts is a visit to Rudi's Klammhütte. Here you can enjoy a delicious snack on the terrace overlooking a waterfall or in the hut, which is served to you by a real "primordial rock with heart" from the Allgäu.