Canyoning with your team in the Allgau

Team building in canyoning
Mastering the canyon together as a team – fun and added value included

A mixed work group, a new department, a project team – they all face a challenge. They have to achieve a goal together, climb a mountain or, figuratively, cross a gorge.

We use the canyon as a learning and practice area in order to then transfer it to the work environment. Canyons are beautiful, canyons are challenging, and they are one thing above all - honest. You experience direct feedback on your decisions, dangers are obviously present, solutions lead to direct success ... because now it depends on the newly formed team!

Prudence, communication know-how and team spirit are required because you and your team cross the gorge autonomously.

At least two experienced, professional team canyoning guides accompany the canyoning "task force", pay attention to safety and provide support if necessary.

From the canyoning guides, the individual team members will learn the skills that are needed to cope with the canyoning tour before the tour starts. When, how and whether the skills are brought together and used is decided by the teamwork. Fun is not neglected on this group canyoning adventure. The shared experience in the group of jumping, sliding, abseiling and swimming welds you together and the team members and you will remember it for a long time.

The unknown, exciting environment in the Canyon challenges the group in terms of communication, technology and group dynamics. In addition, this experience is very trust-building due to its emotional setting. For a perfect end, we would be happy to organize catering at the canyon exit or a barbecue in a location of your choice.

In advance, we will discuss your goals for the event with you. We then adapt the day, canyoning route and requirements dynamically.