Canyoning equipment rental

Canyoning equipment rental in the Allgäu

Canyoning – is a sport that you enjoy and do with passion. You know one or two good spots in the Allgäu and are also open to new canyons and gorges. Canyoning is your thing and you like to go climbing, abseiling and jumping in gorges and ravines (Allgäu for canyon) in your free time? But you still lack professional equipment or you just want to test new or different canyoning equipment?
We at purelements® as the official canyoning partner of Edelrid® have top canyoning gear for you.
Regardless of whether you are out with your friends or with your family. We have the right wetsuit, canyoning harness or helmet for 6-year-old gorge explorers up to size 62. Take a look at our canyoning rental packages including Adidas® canyoning shoes!
We regularly check and maintain the material.
And if you don’t want to be on your own – we are happy to accompany you on your adventures: canyoning, via ferratas or your ski course in winter.
Also as private guiding just for you and your group.

Your discovery tour on your own!

Rental locations:

  • • Our base in Sonthofen, Bahnhofplatz 3

Requirements for renting canyoning equipment:

  • Good general health
  • Basic swimming skills

Rental period: possible from 1 day

Available period: April to October

Additional information about equipment rental:

  • Borrowed material must be returned cleaned
  • We charge a flat-rate cleaning fee for heavy soiling.
  • The borrower is responsible for any damage to the material and has to pay for it.

You can find our terms of use for rental objects here

Outside there are warm temperatures and the weather calls for a refreshing and exciting cooling in the canyon. Pack your bathing suit and make a short stop at our base in Sonthofen. There you can rent the most suitable equipment for you and nothing stands in the way of your canyoning experience. No matter if big or small – we have the right equipment for almost every size. A limited number of helmets and canyoning harnesses for children are available.

There are various packages available that are tailored to your different needs.

In order to be thoroughly prepared, we have prepared a short checklist here:

  • Find out more about the weather
  • Get information and the topo for the corresponding canyon
  • Clarify the water level – and call the info line if necessary!
  • Follow local regulations and laws – in the Allgäu you need a permit for canyoning -> LRA Oberallgäu (https://www.oberallgaeu.org/de/umwelt-und-natur/wasserrecht.html)
  • Bring enough drinks and snacks
  • Most importantly: know your limits!

Emergency numbers for Germany

Mountain rescue: 112
Police: 110

The Allgäu Alps have always been known for narrow ravines, wild gorges and steep waterfalls. One reason why there are some sagas and legends about the brooks and rivers in the Oberallgäu. The men who explored these narrow canyons with great effort and risk were brave. You can still be brave today, but with the best, modern equipment every canyon tour becomes an experience. The most famous gorges include the Breitachklamm near Oberstdorf and the Starzlachklamm near Sonthofen (you can experience these with us on a beginner’s tour.)

Our ancestors did not explore the gorges here for fun, as we do today, but rather the gorges of the rivers in the Alps were sought out for drinking water or usable hydropower. One or the other stream was also used to transport wood. However, the local children, adolescents and adults already had fun in the water back then. “Swimming pools” and “itching pools” in the gorges’ water pools was and is popular. Today we can experience the beauty of these gorges, with the naturally formed washouts, colors and waterfalls while canyoning in the Allgäu with jumping, sliding and abseiling.