Canyoning in the Tannheim valley

Untouched nature and challenges that strengthen you: Canyoning in Tannheim  valley

The Tannheim high mountain Valley in Tyrol is located at an altitude of 1100 meters. Surrounded by the Tannheim Mountains, which are part of the Allgäu Alps, the beautiful region offers excellent opportunities to be active in all seasons. Canyoning in the Strindenbach is one of the outstanding outdoor experiences in the Tannheim Valley.

The canyon is well protected in the middle of an almost untouched and untamed nature. Canyoning in the Tannheim Valley starts at a particularly exciting abseil point, which is 25 meters long. When you arrive at the bottom, you have already mastered your first adventure on this exciting tour. And you will be amazed where it leads you and what surprises and challenges are still waiting for you.

Canyoning is a sport in which we follow the canyons formed by watercourses and fully immerse ourselves in the elements of nature. Deep slopes are overcome by abseiling, short, smooth rocky passages invite you to slide, crystal-clear or shimmering turquoise pools invite you to jump and then swim and dive. Narrow transitions and dark-looking passages require that we feel our way through them step by step.

When canyoning in the Tannheim Valley you will experience all this and more intensively. Afterwards you proudly look back on an outdoor experience that no other sport can offer you.