Canyoning in Kleinwalsertal

Fascinating natural spectacle and the pure power of the elements: Canyoning in the Kleinwalsertal

A secluded mountain panorama, the Hölloch cave labyrinth, the unique flora and of course the Schwarzwasserbach are the attractions that make the Kleinwalsertal the perfect place of attraction for canyonists and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. When canyoning in the Kleinwalsertal you will get to know a gorge that places increased demands on your sportiness and daring. When abseiling from heights of around 20 to 25 meters you experience the waterfall with all your senses, the jumps are made from heights of up to 12 meters depending on the water level.

But it's not just the sporty component that inspires canyoning in Kleinwalsertal. Even the gorge experience itself makes the heart beat faster. Here nature is in its element and you are right in the middle of it. Crystal-clear waters that nourish themselves from fresh water sources, gorgeous light and shadow games, rock slides and a natural bridge from which we jump into a pool at the end of this adventurous outdoor experience help make canyoning in Kleinwalsertal an unforgettable experience.

Canyoning means encountering nature and its elementary forces directly. It is not about a mere trial of strength, but rather about being inspired and strengthened. Canyoning in the Kleinwalsertal is also suitable as a single event or as an outstanding experience during a short or long holiday in Austria's well-developed tourist region.

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Canyoning pro in the Schwarzwasserbach in Kleinwalsertal

Canyoning in Kleinwalsertal is the most enjoyable for advanced skiers with little or no previous knowledge. We therefore primarily offer tours at the “Canyoning Pro” level for conquering the Schwarzwasserbach.

Do you feel fit enough and do you already know what to expect from the canyoning experience, but still have no practical experience? Feel free to contact us so that we can briefly advise whether the tour is right for you.

Theoretically and practically, even sporty beginners in canyoning can cope well with the gorge tour through the Schwarzwasserbach, especially since there are always alternative ways to progress at the jumping and abseiling points. This is a special feature of canyoning in the Kleinwalsertal and enables anyone with concerns to have a stress-free tour, as it is always possible to get out.

And that's exactly what canyoning in Kleinwalsertal is known for - for impressive nature, high jumps and challenging abseiling points, which you can also actively master by abseiling yourself.

Of course, you will still be secured, because like all our canyoning experiences, canyoning in Kleinwalsertal is led and directed by certified guides who support you whenever and wherever it is necessary.

During a short introduction to self-protection in canyoning, you have already learned all the essential holds and abseiling skills. And from your own previous experience in canyoning or other outdoor experiences, you probably already know what you can trust yourself to do. Because with every tour and every challenge accepted, your skills and your desire to expand your own limits increase.

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The region of choice for sporty holidaymakers: the Kleinwalsertal in Austria

The Kleinwalsertal belongs to Austria, but can only be reached via a road leading from the Allgäu into the village. It is precisely this secluded location in the middle of a fantastic mountain landscape that makes it a region that hikers, bikers, skiers, climbers and canyonists alike appreciate.

Anyone who spends their holiday or a weekend in Kleinwalsertal longs for fresh air, a unique experience of nature and hospitality that enjoys a good reputation far beyond the borders of the region.

In the localities of the region, for example in Hirschegg, you will find accommodations that are tailored to different preferences and budgets - from wellness hotels with all imaginable services to apartment hotels where you can organize your daily routine as you wish. Above all, however, you will meet many soul mates of all ages, groups and families, loners and teams who share a passion for outdoor sports.

You can book our canyoning tours in Kleinwalsertal as an individual or for a group or family. Provided that all participants are physically fit and knowledgeable about swimming and are willing to engage in a sport that will fundamentally change you in a positive way.

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