Canyoning in Vorarlberg

Unique outdoor experience on Lake Constance: Canyoning in Vorarlberg

Located in western Austria, the state of Vorarlberg has the advantage that its residents and visitors can choose to spend their free days on Lake Constance or in the mountains. Canyonists, who love the water as much as the wild gorges it has wrested from the rock over the centuries, are also drawn to Vorarlberg for canyoning.

Our most popular gorge tour in Vorarlberg leads through the Kobelache, a canyon that is initially open and bright in front of us. But the further we follow the course of the water, the more challenging and varied it becomes to move through the gorge.

Sliding or jumping, abseiling, wading, swimming - when canyoning in Vorarlberg we don't leave out anything that this wonderful outdoor sport has to offer. Completely on their own and yet part of a small but fine group, each participant experiences what they are made of - and what it feels like to go to the limits of their own strength and confidence.

What is moving about the canyoning experience in Vorarlberg is also the proximity to the elements and primal forces of nature. Given the task of jumping from 12 meters into the luring mountain water or rappelling down at the waterfall from 20 meters, you will feel how you become part of something that you have long been wearing inside.

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