Canyoning at Strindenbach

Courage, confidence, enthusiasm: you and the canyoning in the Strindenbach

The readers of the German hiking magazine “Wandermagazin” voted the Tannheimer Tal in the north of Tyrol to be Austria’s most beautiful hiking region in 2019.

When the hikers pass the Strindenbach Canyon, they usually take an dignified look from the bridge down into the canyon, which is up to 80 meters deep. We, on the other hand, go canyoning in the Strindenbach (Edenbach) right into the middle of this adventurous pleasure. So we not only hear the waterfall rushing from a distance, we dive into it.

Canyoning in the Strindenbach means facing a unique challenge in one of the most secluded places in the Tannheim Valley. Free from the stress of civilization, we devote ourselves entirely to what enthusiastic canyonists like to do best: enjoy nature, climb, abseil, overcome obstacles. Straighten your soul and let your gaze wander over the gorge in a small group that shares this passion.

The canyoning experience Strindenbach takes you far away from your everyday life and leads you completely to yourself. Everything we need we carry directly on our body or find it in ourselves: courage and enthusiasm. And the longing for a place that enables an encounter with the most elementary forces in nature.