Canyoning at Strindenbach

Courage, confidence, enthusiasm: you and the canyoning in the Strindenbach

The readers of the German hiking magazine “Wandermagazin” voted the Tannheimer Tal in the north of Tyrol to be Austria’s most beautiful hiking region in 2019.

When the hikers pass the Strindenbach Canyon, they usually take an dignified look from the bridge down into the canyon, which is up to 80 meters deep. We, on the other hand, go canyoning in the Strindenbach (Edenbach) right into the middle of this adventurous pleasure. So we not only hear the waterfall rushing from a distance, we dive into it.

Canyoning in the Strindenbach means facing a unique challenge in one of the most secluded places in the Tannheim Valley. Free from the stress of civilization, we devote ourselves entirely to what enthusiastic canyonists like to do best: enjoy nature, climb, abseil, overcome obstacles. Straighten your soul and let your gaze wander over the gorge in a small group that shares this passion.

The canyoning experience Strindenbach takes you far away from your everyday life and leads you completely to yourself. Everything we need we carry directly on our body or find it in ourselves: courage and enthusiasm. And the longing for a place that enables an encounter with the most elementary forces in nature.

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Proud heights and falling waterfalls satisfy your hunger for adventure while canyoning in the Strindenbach.

Experienced canyonists appreciate the many highlights and challenges of canyoning in the Tannheimer Tal that make up the outdoor experience. Abseiling points of up to 25 meters in height, wonderful views and the great slide passages ensure plenty of variety and satisfy your hunger for adventure in a pleasant way. Every few meters the canyon changes, challenges you to a new skill and in this way helps you to become one new body feeling. But not only the body, also the mind clears up during canyoning in the Strindenbach.

We particularly recommend taking part in this outstanding outdoor experience for people who have already visited one of our beginner canyoning sessions or who have experience in related sports. If you are free from fear of heights and are in the required condition, you can also register as a beginner. But please be clear: unlike our basic tours, not all challenges can be avoided when canyoning in the Strindenbach. Jumps and slides are, as always, not compulsory and can be done by abseiling.

But don't worry: at the beginning of every canyoning tour, our certified guides instruct the participants in the basic knowledge required for self-protection. And should you ever need a little support, they will of course offer you a helping hand in both the real and the figurative sense.

Alpine Canyoning in Strindenbach, Tannheimer Tal in Austria

Everything at a glance

For athletic beginners, repeaters and advanced users

Have you already checked canyoning off your bucket list? But you want again and more? Have you already been on a canyoning tour with us or anywhere else in the world? Or you are sporty, have no fear and dare to go on a longer tour in the canyon. Maybe you already have experience climbing or abseiling?
This is exactly what our touring level “Canyoning pro” is designed for. Challenge and fun at the same time and yet with all possibilities. As always, we tackle the canyon’s waterfalls with abseiling and if a jump or a slide is possible, you are welcome to decide to take the jump / slide. If you don’t want to, no problem, then you just keep abseiling yourself. Just stopping and bypassing is not possible in all canyons of this level, sometimes it is.
The canyoning level pro is therefore ideally suited for mixed groups of beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts, because there is something for everyone and everyone can decide for themselves how sporty they want to be. Our professional canyon guides will support you in this.

Difficulty / challenge
Experience level
required previous knowledge
  • Planning and implementation of the canyoning tour
  • Coordination of the canyoning event on site
  • Support by certified purelements employees (certified canyon guides)
  • Guide guest ratio is maximum 1:7
  • No time pressure!
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. Special shoes
  • Photoservice
  • Own safety standards for canyoning

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As sporty as it is relaxing: canyoning courses and holidays in the Tannheimer Tal

Taking part in canyoning in the Strindenbach means being able to fully rely on your own strength and the seclusion of the Tannheimer Tal. Mobile? We do not need! Everyday noise and party tourists? Not a trace! Cloudy thoughts and brooding? Just don’t!

Everything that counts in a canyoning experience is the here and now. Put one foot in front of the other. Balance your posture. Estimate the height of the jump and take all your courage. Climb over an obstacle. Grasp the rope properly.
Mindfulness is the top priority here, mindfulness towards us and the canyon. A mindfulness that reverberates in you, even if you have long since returned and let the day end alone, as a couple or in a happy get-together with friends.

You can book canyoning in Strindenbach directly online with us as a one-day outdoor experience at the pro level. Alternatively, you can give away a voucher - for a birthday, a bachelorette party or as a special surprise for your partner. Simply choose the right canyoning course for it online.

If you would like to spend more time in the popular Tannheimer Tal holiday region, you will find a multitude of options here to be active in sports, to swim in the Haldensee or just to relax.

Perhaps you will also notice at the end of your canyoning tour in Strindenbach that you will not let go of the longing to repeat this unique experience. Then simply send us your request for further tours and we will quickly check whether we can offer you a free space on the desired date.