This is an update on the situation from the Ozone factory in Vietnam. Ozone is pleased to announce that Ozone has now returned to pre-Covid production capacity.

However, as times never remain calm, Ozone, like many other manufacturers, is facing new challenges. As some of you may have heard, the supply of Porcher 27g material is temporarily suspended due to technical problems during production. The problem is currently being fixed, but it may take a few weeks before Ozone and other manufacturers resume normal deliveries.

Another major supplier, DominicoTex, is also currently experiencing difficulties in meeting the high demand for fabrics. Both factors, although not produced by the manufacturers themselves, have a serious impact on their own products, such as almost all light Hike&Fly paragliders. As a result, almost all manufacturers are experiencing fabric shortages and have difficulties producing and delivering the products we order on time. In addition, some factories will be closed from February 6 to 20 for the traditional Têt holiday, which will increase the pressure on the well-known paraglider manufacturers.